It's Tough to Answer Yes/No Questions


It's Tough to Answer Yes/No Questions - School Fails


  1. Posted by smt39char87, — Reply

    If I was the parent, and I saw that this teacher could not even spell racist, I would pull my kid out of the school!

  2. Posted by VioletNocte, — Reply

    1. Paranoid should say "No, why?" 2. "rasist" 3. It's not really racist unless you make it racist

  3. Posted by Vulpix2669, — Reply

    Paranoid one was originally "No, why?"

  4. Posted by virtualink04, — Reply

    how is the 4th one racist they just answerd it normally

  5. Posted by cantina_band, — Reply


  6. Posted by gonecherry, — Reply

    Racist* damnit

  7. Posted by Fakecrowns, — Reply

    give this child a prize

  8. Posted by evelynrosefulle, — Reply

    Rasist, yep.

  9. Posted by ohumgee, — Reply

    I choke on the last one lmao

  10. Posted by onedraycottpark, — Reply

    are you high no means?

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