This is for Every Woman who Hates her Body.


If I had invested half the time, thought, energy, action, cash, and other resources in building up my self-esteem and an authentic and meaningful life, I would not have


  1. Posted by N3ZIIV, — Reply

    Her ass is me trying to keep up with my college classes/career meaning it’s on the edge of EXPLODING 😂😭 sorry not sorry no hate she cute tho 😬🤷🏼‍♂️😏

  2. Posted by xojrod, — Reply

    Kim and Kylie must despise beautiful NATURAL women who resemble them without having any work done. They are nasty ASS looking creatures!

  3. Posted by weebay1, — Reply

    I’ll never understand the butt move for her. I guess it hasn’t mattered financially or career wise, but it was just a weird thing to do & insults our intelligence.

  4. Posted by rmaward999, — Reply

    She was just fine after her 1st enhancement, she Fckd up after her 2nd. You have to know when to stop. None of them do. Always seeking perfection from their point of view. Some life, whatever.

  5. Posted by spook2439, — Reply

    Are there REALLY people who think this is attractive?? While I am at it... men with the scruff of a 3 day old beard are not attractive either!!

  6. Posted by brittritt, — Reply

    Everyone needs to feel confident in their own body. And if this makes her feel good about herself then all the power to her. But I worry what these implants and procedures are doing to their bodies.

  7. Posted by 0AsAboveSoBelow0, — Reply

    When are people gonna realise plastic isn't pretty 😒 (I hope she doesn't do anything else to her body, it must hurt carrying around that ass all the time)

  8. Posted by dwbssf69, — Reply

    It's amazing what choices people make about thinking certain things look good tits or ass implants look as fake as they are .All natural is most of the time beautiful .

  9. Posted by Skairipa99, — Reply

    Liposuction then fat transfer to desired areas over and over and over lol- and at some point a Brazilian butt lift or it would be sagging to the back of her knees! Don’t forget the daily waist training lol.

  10. Posted by graciecurtis0704, — Reply

    Isn't it illegal to get a butt lift in America? Also just because yall don't like her body doesn't mean you get to comment on it. It's not harming you and if she feels good with plastic surgery, then that makes it even less of your business.

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